12 Best Marathon Training Shoes – Review & Guide

“What kind of the best marathon training shoes should I get for marathon tournament?” This is a question that many people ask themselves as they prepare to train for their first marathon. It’s an important question because if you don’t have the right marathon running shoes, your feet will be in pain and it may even stop you from completing the race.

With so many options available, how do you know which one will work best? In this detailed read, we’ll cover what makes up a good pair of marathon training shoes and give some recommendations on where to find them. We also review some brands that make high-quality products at low prices.

Best Marathon Training Shoes
Best Marathon Training Shoes

So before you invest in your next pair of running shoes, stay stick to us till the end of the article and you may found your perfect bootie right here in the beginning!

Buying Guide About The Best Marathon Training Shoes


The cushioning on your feet is what allows you to walk, run and jump with such ease. It provides protection from the hard ground below and distributes pressure evenly across the foot for a more comfortable experience.

There are different levels of quality when it comes to this essential component; poor-quality shoes will tear easily which can lead to injury in some cases or discomfort at best if they don’t offer enough support that’s needed.

Forefoot gel technology is one way in the best marathon shoes and manufacturers have ensured their customers get high-level comfort no matter where they wear them – treadmill, marathon or pavement!

Sole Species

The material of the sole is important for two reasons; it provides a great deal of support and durability to your feet, while also being lightweight. The rubber soles in best marathon running shoes provide more stability on slippery surfaces like pavement or concrete than other materials would because they are able to grip better in these situations.

Furthermore, synthetic soles may not have as much given since their design doesn’t include air pockets that allow them to compress when you step down hard but this makes them excellent options if you’re really looking for an option with both longevity and good traction!

Arch support

For people with high arches, the best marathon training shoes offer relief from lower back pain and shin splints caused by imbalanced weight. Normal-arch runners also need support for injury prevention and to absorb the shock of running on uneven surfaces like roads or trails.

For those who are experiencing a current injury in their low extremities, arch supports can provide ample pressure distribution which will ultimately lead to recovery over time through decreased discomfort due to increased stability during movement.


Traction is an essential component of the best long-distance running shoes to keep us upright on slippery surfaces. Without the gripping ability of traction, we would be unable to keep our footing and end up flat on our backsides – especially in winter conditions like snow or ice!

Traction is a crucial material property for preventing falls when going downsloping terrain such as hills; it’s what allows your feet to grip onto the ground so they don’t slide off. The shoes you wear should have sticky rubber outsoles that help provide this important function without slipping off due to high friction with snow-covered paths (or other types) of surface area where traction can occur.

Best Marathon Training Shoes

Here we have assembled the Top 12 best marathon training shoes that will help you with enough options to acknowledge just the right one that you need.

1. NIKE Men’s Metcon 4 Running Shoes

NIKE Men's Metcon 4 Running Shoes
NIKE Men’s Metcon 4 Running Shoes


Soles typeBast sole
Weight660 grams
Dimensions‎33.02 x 20.57 x 11.18 cm


Train the way you want to. This NIKE Men’s Metcon 4 Running Shoes is for a wide range of training activities – from sprints and sled pushes to lifting, rope climbing, wall walking, and more. These best distance running shoes are built for performance with an excellent shoe made in first quality materials providing comfort, stability, and protection.

The perfect balance of cushioning absorption while absorbing explosive impact at heel strike resulting in less stress on joints. Rubber pods help prevent slips as feet transition from floor to ground—helping stabilize moves such as squatting or jumping. A new textured mesh makes it stronger than any Metcon ever-feeling now lighter than before but just as durable.

Fits like a sock but still tough as steel, these best marathon training shoes give you the sturdy foundation to push harder in every workout while powering through your toughest obstacle.

  • Pliable support
  • Superior durability
  • Robust base
  • Keep feet cool and dry all-day
  • Excellent traction
  • Soft, padded tongue
  • Lightweight
  • Shoelaces are extra long
  • May make squeaky noise while walking

2. New Balance Men’s FuelCell Rebel V2 Speed Running Shoe

New Balance Men's FuelCell Rebel V2 Speed Running Shoe
New Balance Men’s FuelCell Rebel V2 Speed Running Shoe


BrandNew Balance
MaterialSynthetic and mesh
Weight2 pounds
Dimensions10 x 15 x 6 inches


New Balance Men’s FuelCell Rebel V2 Speed Running Shoe has ultra-responsive feel. Boasting a high rebound midsole that provides explosive energy return in every step, making for effortless strides. All while supporting up those ultramarathoners across the board.

For an extra smooth transition, this bold hashtag, the best marathon training shoes, features stiff foam at its heel and collar, molding around your foot for lockdown support over miles of runs. With a breathable mesh upper styled with asymmetrical color blocking and New Balance branding throughout, this shoe is sure to catch eyes as runners take off down city blocks or country roads alike.

The heel features built-in support to keep you heading in the right direction with ease and comfort. If you’re looking for more of a challenge to get from the start line to the finish line — fast — then look no further than this sleek style best marathon shoes.

  • Ultra-responsive
  • Utmost energy return
  • Smooth transitions
  • Thick padding
  • Premium comfort
  • Great breathability
  • Decent shades
  • Quality leather
  • Some users felt it was a little unstable
  • Doesn’t feel well on walking however good for running

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3. Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Men’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

Gravity Defyer Men's G-Defy Mighty Walk
Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Mighty Walk


BrandGravity defyer
Soles typeSynthetic soles
MaterialFabric and synthetic


Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Mighty Walk! When you want to get things done, just put on your shoes and go with these best long-distance running shoes. You can take their proven pain relief anywhere. Innovative patented VersoShock Technology springs to life with each step absorbing unwanted and damaging shock.

They help protect your feet from impact overloads that come from any angle and everywhere so they can keep going – indoors or outside. With durable lightweight fabric, mesh panels for breathability, cushioned front rocker sole for stability, lace-up construction for custom fit comfort with support system insoles, you can get the perfect comfort.

This well-cushioned, slip-resistant shoe is made to take the most demanding of all walks with ease. Gravity Defyer walk comes with an extra depth and roomy toe box for bunions, diabetes. If your job requires long walks plenty of standing/walking on hard surfaces need some support for those days when your feet start to ache these might be the best shoes for marathon what you’re looking for!

  • Feels gentle on bunions
  • Provides arch support
  • Wide toe box
  • Endure standing for hours
  • Absorb impacts
  • Super springy
  • The heel feels hard and uncomfortable
  • Quality needs to be improved

4. Lamincoa Womens Air Running Shoes

Lamincoa Womens Air Running Shoes
Lamincoa Womens Air Running Shoes


Soles typeRubber soles
MaterialMesh upper


Do you have a passion for running but don’t want to give up fashion? Lamincoa Womens Air Running Shoes will meet your requirements! Stylish knitted mesh upper with removable insoles and rubber outsoles, attractive appearance with lightweight and great flexibility. Your feet can also freely breathe during activity because of the air cushion design.

These womens gym shoes are made of phylon so they fit perfectly. These best shoes for marathon training are abrasion-resistant and slip-resistant, and have good durability over time. The removable insoles let you pick exactly what kind of feel between support or comfort – feels like luxury? Save yourself from soreness after long adventures by picking up our new kicks today!

The slightly-stretch vamp keeps your feet feeling cool in these summer months as you take on whatever lies ahead with full force. Whether it be a warm jog around town, an adventurous hike, or just about anything else, Lamincoa has you covered.

  • Amazing airflow
  • Slip and skid resistant
  • Removable insoles ensuring comfort
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-collision toe cap
  • Flexible
  • High on protection
  • Long time durability
  • Too soft to walk on rocks

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5. Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Brooks Women's Ghost 13 Running Shoe
Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe


Soles typeRubber soles
MaterialMesh upper
Dimensions‎10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight2 pounds


Sometimes you’re not sure what your day is going to dictate for a workout. Whether it’s an easy jog on the track or a heavy lifting session, the Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe has got you covered. With rubber soles and soft cushioning for optimal comfort during any type of movement, these shoes are designed with balanced comfort and stability in mind to make workouts more enjoyable than ever before.

Your feet will thank you after a long run! Toning down the energy in favor of style, here are the best marathon racing shoes that will have you coasting through your workouts with a smooth ride for years to come.

Optimized with BioMoGo DNA cushioning, this premium footwear is light on the cushion and big on style for comfortable mobility from heel to toe. With an engineered mesh upper and increased range of motion to ensure the perfect fit, get ready to go the distance – or at least until your workout does!

  • Premium comfort
  • Absorb impacts
  • Big support for plantar fasciitis
  • Return maximum energy
  • Effortless strides
  • Chic and trendy
  • Breathable
  • Can get weary soon after several wears of heavy use

6. Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes

Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes
Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes


Soles typeRubber soles
MaterialMesh upper
Weight2 pounds
Dimensions10 x 15 x 6 inches


The Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes will keep you feeling steady on your feet with its innovative BioMoGo DNA 5 Midsole Cushioning, DNA LOFT, Segmented Crash Pad. With a smooth heel-to-toe transition that you just can’t deny, the Ghost 13 is an all-around solid shoe that will keep any runner happy.

Mesh material for the toe box increases ventilation to make sure your toes stay nice and cool as they’re pounding against the pavement. In addition to these performance benefits, the newly engineered 3D Fit Print of these best marathon training shoes hugs your foot like a second skin for comfort without weight or restriction.

This transitional shoe has plenty of stability with its segmented crash pad that absorbs impact brilliantly. Struggling to balance your life or the speed of your stride? Smooth transitions are never an issue thanks to this running shoe’s balanced sole as well as custom-fit 3D printed upper paneling! Loose laces, bad shoes, painful knuckles – these worries now belong in the dustbin because once you slip into these kicks you’ll forget all about them.

  • Smooth, stable tread
  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Comfort all round
  • Appropriate for painful arches
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Great bounce back
  • Amazing support
  • Size may run small
  • Some people complain about the discomfort on the ankles while wearing them

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7. Nike Mens Free Run 5.0 Mesh Flexible Running Shoes

Nike Mens Free Run 5.0 Mesh Flexible Running Shoes
Nike Mens Free Run 5.0 Mesh Flexible Running Shoes


Soles typeEthylene-vinyl acetate soles
Weight1.6 pounds
Dimensions13.39 x 9.06 x 4.72 inches


Keep your feet light on the ground and get moving. Dress for success with sneakers that will stay nice to touch, and make you shine. Get going in these shoes that combine innovation with flexibility. Its ability to transition from the concrete pavement you walk on during your daily commute to the bumpy surface of a cross-country trail makes these sneakers the perfect choice for urban runners.

Made with recycled material, these Nike Free Run 5.0 Men’s Mesh Flexible Running Shoes not only reduce shoe waste, they improve the quality and durability of each pair of shoes. The upper is lightweight, breathable, and versatile, making them the best marathon shoes for beginners.

It is now easy to transit between running or walking postures without feeling weighed down by an unnecessarily heavy design. And that doesn’t mean comfort has been sacrificed in the name of sustainability—the new cushioning system makes this newest version lighter than ever before and more responsive so feet can stay cushioned and comfortable throughout your workout routine.

  • Soft on feet
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Robust construction
  • Stretchable
  • Highly responsive
  • Cheap soles construction
  • Less durability

8. Nike Women’s Trail Running Shoes

Nike Women's Trail Running Shoes
Nike Women’s Trail Running Shoes


Soles typeRubber soles
MaterialTranslucent TPE upper
Weight1.46 pounds
Dimensions11.73 x 7.56 x 4.02 inches


The Nike Women’s Trail Running Shoes offer lightweight support and deep breathable comfort while getting your miles in. Equipped with cushy insoles, a rubber sole that’s perfect for any terrain, and an internal cage to help you keep your foot just where it should be, these kicks are one of the most comfortable shoes that you can get!

Known for their durability and versatility, these kicks work flawlessly on both short runs or those long-distance treks. Not only will they treat your feet right, but they also make quite the statement thanks to multiple color options for every taste.

With a heel pull tab that helps you slip them on quickly and easily – this shoe is perfect for those looking to commute with ultimate ease! Lace-up, and get ready to take on the trail with your trusty Nike- best marathon training shoes constructed with a lightweight and translucent TPE upper, these running shoes offer full-foot support no matter the terrain.

  • Cool lace upfront
  • Huge Vibrant color collection
  • Multi-surface traction
  • Flexible
  • Not really comfortable
  • Cheap quality

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9. ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes
ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes


Soles typeSynthetic soles
MaterialSynthetic and mesh
Weight1.41 pounds
Dimensions11.93 x 7.2 x 4.45 inches


Move past your boundaries and stride forward with the ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes, which provides comfort for any type of workout. Equipped with a cushioned sole, these lightweight shoes are engineered to provide stability as you take on an intense training session.

Elite athletes such as weightlifter rely heavily on their running shoes when it comes to getting ready for competition. So whether it’s a brisk jog through the neighborhood or an arduous race up against other runners in town on marathon day; trust that these have been designed to keep you moving until the very last mile! A breathable mesh upper allows air to flow freely while providing the structure needed by your feet.

High-performance, breathable running shoes with ample cushioning to absorb the impact of each step make them stand out among the best running shoes for marathon. These versatile kicks can be worn by newbie joggers and marathon runners alike, giving them complete control over their comfort level and amount of support.

  • Excellent performance
  • Aggressive traction
  • Immense airflow
  • Best fit for wide feet
  • Plenty of arch and heel support
  • Exquisite shades
  • Lateral stability
  • Eat up all the impacts
  • Breathable
  • Matchless comfortable
  • May sound squeaky while walking

10. Nike Zoom Vomero 5 Se Sp Mens Running Trainers

Nike Zoom Vomero 5 Se Sp Mens Running Trainers
Nike Zoom Vomero 5 Se Sp Mens Running Trainers


Weight2.4 pounds
Dimensions13.5 x 9.2 x 4.9 inches


The Nike Zoom Vomero 5 Se Sp Mens Running Trainers are featherlight and durable. They are a perfect runner’s mate because they provide enough cushioning for impacts without compromising responsiveness. They can be worn when running or for leisure time activities and everyday life.

The Nike Zoom Vomero 5 Se Sp Mens Running Trainers come equipped with great features of breathability, flexibility, and stability which allow easy movement on any surface while the best materials create an optimum fit between your foot roll and the shoe geometry to ensure a natural stride during runs.

If you are in search of the best marathon training shoes that are comfortable, impact-absorbing, and perfect for your foot–look no further. A cool framework combined with breathable material will keep your feet fresh on your next run or morning jog!

  • Solid, sturdy framework
  • Finest cushioning
  • Brilliant ventilation
  • Great shock absorbers
  • Perfectly fit
  • N/A

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11. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Infinite 3 Running Shoe

Under Armour Men's HOVR Infinite 3 Running Shoe
Under Armour Men’s HOVR Infinite 3 Running Shoe


BrandUnder Armour
Soles typeRubber soles
Material100% textile
Weight10 ounces
Dimensions 12.87 x 8.5 x 4.88 inches


You are looking at the new Under Armour Men’s HOVR Infinite 3 Running Shoe. The shoe comes with 100% textiles and is imported. The UA HOVR technology provides a ‘zero gravity feel’ to maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact, so no matter how far you are running or how hard you’re working out this shoe will keep up with your high expectations while also keeping you comfortable.

It features a lightweight abrasion-resistant mesh upper that resists stretching and drying out for a durable wear experience for any workout. Stretch-bootie construction allows for easy on/off, whilst giving your feet optimal comfort and snugness during tough activities in the gym or outside on the trail.

Built with a Hybrid Ortholite sock liner and full rubber outsole, these best running shoes for long-distance enhance traction and durability. UA is dedicated to making the world a better place through sports by encouraging healthy lifestyles – now these products can encourage those lives to be more active.

  • Light on feet
  • Alleviate pressure on feet
  • Knock out all the shocks
  • OrthoLite sock liner
  • Optimum comfort
  • Multi-directional stability and support
  • Breathable
  • Too much squishy

12. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fade Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Fade Cross-Trainer Shoe
PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fade Cross-Trainer Shoe


Soles type100% synthetic leather
MaterialRubber soles
Weight11.4 ounces
Dimensions12.7 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches


Take your workout to new heights in the PUMA Tazon 6 Fade Cross-Trainer Shoe. From gym sessions to long runs, this shoe is designed with innovative features and superior comfort for a lightweight feel. The synthetic leather upper offers a sleek look and elite durability while a rubber outsole provides versatile traction on both wet or dry surfaces.

With EVA midsole that absorbs shock as you take strides, these PUMA shoes are sure to make every workout more enjoyable than ever before! Every morning, when you lace up these no-fuss sneakers, say “goodbye” to those uncomfortable days past-all thanks to the latest innovations from PUMA’s designers who understand that the perfect pair of shoes.

These best marathon training shoes are a great way to make your workout class or morning jog unforgettable. This shoes provides stable cushioning for all your running and training needs. When you walk into the gym, be sure to have the latest in athletic apparel with this stylish cross-trainer from PUMA!

  • Highly comfortable
  • Snug and classy
  • Soak up all the shocks
  • The powerful grip of multiple surfaces
  • Quality cushioning
  • Sleek style
  • Durable
  • Lose traction on wet surfaces

Frequently asked questions

Does running shoes provide arch support?

Best distance running shoes provide arch support. They’re designed to help your feet move more naturally, absorbing shock and making you feel less tired when running long distances.
The best type of running shoes are the ones that provide arch support in order to keep your foot from pronating. This will help reduce any future injuries and make you a stronger runner overall!

Are running shoes and walking shoes the same or is there any difference between them?

The soles of the best long-distance running shoes are stiffer and thicker to provide more cushions for jogging or sprinting. Walking shoes have thinner, flexible soles which better accommodate the natural movements while walking.

Can running shoes be washed in the washing machine?

If you are really committed to keeping your shoes clean, please wash them by hand in the sink with mild soap and warm water. Don’t wash your marathon running shoes in the washing machine. You’ll wear them out! Soaking your shoes in water can ruin their fabric and adhesives, which may lead to premature wear and tear.

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When it comes to running shoes, ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes are the best of the best marathon training shoes. These sneakers offer comfort and responsiveness so you can keep going for miles without feeling any pain in your feet or legs.

They also have protection from shock and impact when you’re on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. The arch support featured in these shoes will make sure that your arches stay strong, while breathability ensures that your feet don’t overheat during those long runs on a hot summer day.

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