Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping
Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Basketball is a beautiful game. Basketball is also considered as a game that is full of athleticism and skill. That is why it is not surprising that a lot of athletes are impassioned for the game. Basketball players are also known to be tall, lean, and tough.

They need to possess the right skill-set and the best basketball shoes for jumping for them to play the game. If you are a basketball enthusiast and you want to buy the best basketball shoes for jumping, then this blog will detail them for you.

Introduction to Basketball Shoes

The various components that make up basketball sneakers are essential, and we’ll look for outsoles that bounce and excellent midsole cushioning. These attributes will aid in increasing your height and also provide the required cushioning needed for safe landings.

When you’re looking for the best basketball shoes for jumping, the outsole of the rubber and its composition should be carefully examined. The thickness and density of the material can either aid or hinder your agility and movement.

Another thing to consider while choosing basketball shoes is the endurance that the midsole has. It must be supple and maintain its shape for a long time. This is so that it can withstand the stress of high-pounders and heavy jumpers.

List of the Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce

Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce
Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce


  • 100% textile
  • Bounce cushioning
  • Rubber outsole
  • Mesh upper
  • Cable lacing system
  • Weight: 15.4 ounces/436.58 g
  • Good for:  Style 
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Fit: True to Size

The Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce is an excellent sneaker for athletes who would like to leap higher, as its name suggests. It’s lightweight and features an air-tight, comfortable upper that offers efficient ventilation. The Forge fiber fabric is long-lasting and tough. Another benefit is that they are very trendy. If you’re looking to dress them up for other purposes, they’ll easily look like a normal pair of shoes.

These best basketball shoes for jumping are made more attractive because they’re not difficult to break into. Eyelets made of webbing are utilized for cable lacing. Geofit has created these to provide the perfect fit and the best comfort. They also give a beautiful design for the shoes.

The shaft, located at the top of the arch, is about mid-top. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to play all around. The clean style and performance make it one of the best athletic shoes. It’s possible to take it off on a casual evening out wearing your favorite jeans. Adidas Pro Bounce doesn’t require break-in time, and the base provides two inches more height.

  • Impact absorption
  • Very comfortable and well-cushioned
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Reliable grip
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Poor ankle support

Adidas Dame 7 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Dame 7 Basketball Shoe
Adidas Dame 7 Basketball Shoe


  • Ultra-lightweight cushioning
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Soft leather material
  • Soft ankle padding prevents ankle injuries
  • Weight: 425.24 g/ 15 ounces
  • Good for: Comfort
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Upper: Textile

The Adidas Dame 7 Basketball Shoe is worth considering if you’re looking for a comfortable sneaker that will aid in your leap. They help enhance your balance; however, they also feature an incredible cushion that feels incredible and provides some of the highest protection against impact available.

It is then backed by a strong security system and solid ankle support for those who are looking for the best shoes for ankle support. They both work well in keeping your foot inside the shoe and making sure you can take advantage of many kick-offs as you jump. The lower design of this shoe allows you greater flexibility, which is ideal for those who handle balls or who require quick turns.

They offer excellent cushioning and protection from impact to ensure a safe landing. Because of their reputation, it’s no surprise these shoes are designed to provide safety and comfort to deter aggressive play on the court. Despite its great grip, we don’t suggest using it on outdoor courts.

  • Breathable and comfortable shoes
  • Great shoe for scoring guards
  • Lightweight
  • Durable design
  • Well-cushions and absorbs impact
  • The shoes run big, so get one or half size down
  • Requires more time for breaking-in

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Nike KD 14 Basketball Shoes

Nike KD 14 Basketball Shoes
Nike KD 14 Basketball Shoes


  • Full-length Zoom Air Strobel
  • Cushion foam
  • The insole is the same as the Kobe 6 and KD 13
  • Traction pattern fit for outdoor use
  • Weight: 12.49 ounce /354 g
  • Cushioning: Full-length Zoom Air Strobel and a Cushion midsole
  • Good for: Comfort and support.

The Nike KD 14 Basketball Shoes is an all-purpose basketball shoe that is popular. It comes with an all-length Zoom Air Strobel and a cushioned midsole that allows you to jump. This helps get more bounce while also offering an option to cushion the landing. The Zoom Air provides the feeling of sloppy rather than slow, sluggish motion.

These best basketball shoes for jumping have excellent grip, cushioning, material, and a perfect fit and provide adequate support. It’s a versatile, all-around shoe that is perfect for every player. It’s also among the most comfortable basketball shoes available. Because of the fit, which is a problem and tight, you should take a half size larger or test them out in stores.

The outsole grip is constant regardless of what court you’re playing on, making this the most reliable shoe when you’re not certain about the court conditions. The materials are top-quality and offer great comfort for the feet. The break-in time is very short, and you’ll notice the form changing to fit your feet one to two times.

  • True to size
  • Great cushion and feel
  • Great ankle support
  • Strap makes feet feel locked down
  • Looks really cool
  • No heel slip
  • Stiff out of the box
  • Needs wiping off for traction
  • Runs hot

Nike Kyrie 7 Basketball Shoes

Nike Kyrie 7 Basketball Shoes
Nike Kyrie 7 Basketball Shoes


  • 360-degree traction pattern.
  • Extremely responsive.
  • Large forefront Air Zoom Turbo unit.
  • Clean look.
  • Weight: 11.99 ounce/ 340 g
  • Cushioning: Comfortable cushion.
  • Good for: Versatility
  • Fit: True to size
  • Style: Rubber

The Nike Kyrie 7 Basketball Shoe is not going to let you down if you’re in search of an athletic shoe that helps your jump while increasing your other court skills. They were developed to aid rapid or fluid movements when playing, ensuring that every aspect that you play increases. The cushioning system that is sensitive and allows you to push yourself to the edge is why these are on our list.

An all-around traction pattern gives you a greater grip and a massive top Air Zoom Turbo unit for more flexibility. Any person who wears this shoe is sure to benefit when playing hard. The upper is designed to hug the shape of your foot with a cushion that bounces, and a tread pattern that gives you an excellent level of control makes this a winning shoe.

The Kyrie is perfect for professional and recreational basketball players. This shoe was designed to increase your natural speed and is great for those seeking a light, flexible selection. With Zoom Turbo technology, this shoe offers the best cushioning that will allow you to make fast and powerful moves when playing on the court.

  • Fit as expected
  • Remarkable lockdown
  • Super comfy
  • Feels light
  • Stable even during lateral movement
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Break-in period needed
  • Slightly slipped when rocking backward

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Nike Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoe

Nike Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoe
Nike Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoe


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Exceptional traction.
  • Durable.
  • Tough construction.
  • Weight: 249.48g/8.8 ounces
  • Good for: Performance
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Upper: Textile

Nike Hyperdunk X Basketball Shoe has become an extremely well-known shoe that has durability. It has a groundbreaking 3/4-bootie design, allowing easy access and a more snug-fitting. It comes with a comfortable upper as well as a sturdy base. The wavy traction of the shoes can also aid in jumping because it gives the user more grip and permits you to take off.

These best basketball shoes for jumping are durable and can last for over a long period despite their bounce. They’re also extremely comfortable and have virtually zero heel slippage. You’re not going to find a better option if you’re searching for a reliable shoe with outstanding cushioning and a great shoe for indoor flooring.

There’s nothing more to say except that it’s a great shoe for everyone. The major drawback to the shoe is that it comes with a soft rubber sole. If you’re playing indoors, this won’t alter the shoe’s performance. However, it could create issues when you decide to play outdoors. Instead of being put for playing on black asphalt, they are more suitable for indoor use under the best conditions.

  • Effective and reliable
  • Fantastic cushioning
  • Quick and bouncy
  • Great support
  • Excellent fit
  • Excellent support
  • Poor traction grip on dusty courts
  • Narrow
  • Can be improved cushioning

What to Look for in Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping?

The sport of jumping is high-intensity. That means joints are exposed to significant stress, particularly when making a tough landing. The best basketball shoes for jumping that effectively safeguard your feet and provide support are necessary.

When looking for the best sneakers that let you jump higher, you must be aware of these features.


On the sole of their shoes, nearly every brand has a distinctive cushion. Whichever you decide to use, the most important aspect is that it can cover your feet and helps propel them as you jump. For any shoe, comfort is essential.

Basketball shoes with EVA midsoles are great for those who run to the basket or try to block shots. The midsole cushioning coupled with a pair of basketball socks of high quality will provide you with a great balance.


Walking into your local shoe shop to try on a pair of sneakers is brief because of the popularity of shopping online. The fit of your shoes could be more problematic than you think if you do not go into a shop and try them on.

Adidas is a prime example. It is well-known for its size inconsistencies, resulting in the largest range of fit among any top brands. Even among the most standard-fitting brands, the individual lines of each brand can be more narrow or wider.


Basketball shoes of high quality must withstand high-impact activities on the courts. There are a variety of brands that make different styles of footwear with different specifications. Certain styles are more efficient in speed, whereas others are designed for comfort, and the list goes on. One of the best indicators is the materials used. Leather uppers, as well as thick rubber bottoms, are highly appreciated.


With the weight of their feet, nobody wants to leap. This is particularly relevant for athletes who want to raise their vertical height by a few inches. To ensure that you can move freely without feeling weighed down, select lighter shoes for jumping or those that have breathable mesh construction.

It’s all about finding the appropriate balance. However, you’ll also need footwear that is secure and comfortable. The shoes you wear won’t let you leap if they lack an enduring platform or sturdy structure.


When it comes to dunking, a shoe that provides only ankle support isn’t required. However, they should be able to support the entire foot. Therefore, we prefer padded collars for mid-tops or high-tops.

If you’re wearing shoes with or without a collar, you’re more likely to be secured during landings with a lot of force. If the high-tops you’re wearing are too bulky and heavy for your needs, the mid-tops could be the best alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the most effective way to find the right basketball shoe for my style of play?

There aren’t any two basketball players that are alike. Several aspects, including their weight, player’s style of play, height, level of fitness, and the list goes on.

Even players who appear to seem similar may possess different preferences when it comes to shoes.

Do basketball shoes help you jump higher?

No sneaker will provide you with an additional 4 or 5 inches or allow you to dance out of thin air. However, the lighter models that have cushioning will let you get higher than the other kinds.

Does it matter that Jordan’s can make you leap higher?

There are plenty of Jordan’s available on the market, and some are sure to help enhance your jump. Models which are less heavy or offer more cushion support help in this direction.


The five pairs of best basketball shoes for jumping that we’ve mentioned in this article can improve your dunking and jumping skills. You can pick one of the five choices and feel confident in your choice.

On its own, Nike is regarded as one of the best shoes to use for dunking, in our opinion. The extra bouncy feel is due to the premium rubber outsoles paired with the soft cushioning of the midsole.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you might want to choose a certain brand of shoes. One thing to remember is that while some shoes might be great for jumping, they may not always be comfortable enough to wear during a game. It’s important to make sure that you find the perfect balance between the two. If you’re still unsure of what shoes to get, contact us anytime at We’re happy to help!

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